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Our catalog of products also includes three designer logos created specially by the Celtic Radio designers:

'Enjoy Life' Brand - Pigmented fun t-shirts with our 'Enjoy Life' logo. Stickers available too!

'StormCelt' Brand - Rugged wilderness outdoor wear for the true independent Celt.

'StormGale' Brand - Clothing products to keep you warm & dry when storm winds blow.

Irish Knot Cross
$20.00  $14.95

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Coat of Arms

The distinguished surname Parker is one of the most notable Anglo/Saxon surnames, and its historical trail has emerged from the mists of time to become an influential surname of the middle ages and of the present day.

In an in-depth research of such ancient manuscripts as the Domesday Book compiled in 1086 A.D. by Duke William of Normandy, the Ragman rolls (1291-1296) collected by King .....

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Welcome to the Celtic Radio Store, part of our CoatofArmsOnline.comTM Sales! You can help support all of the Celtic Radio broadcast channels and our website by purchasing one of our quality made customized products. We combine our award winning designer graphics with brand name apparels. Our products make excellent gifts for all occasions and especially for the person that has it all!

We custom design and produce all of our products with industrial press technologies located at our Boston Massachusetts facilities! This industrial process results in superior manufacturing that will outlast even store bought products. Our base products are supplied from major clothing wholesalers, so we can keep our prices competitive and our products new.

Our store includes not only customized products, but select clothing items from brand name house hold names like Champion, Izod, WeatherProof, Adidas and more. For those in rural areas or that are home bound, we offer a separate clothing store containing thousands of items that can be purchased quickly with expedited service and shipping (hard to find larger sizes are available). We offer a wide selection of popular Celtic and Medieval books, Jewelry, Gifts, Accessories (such as caps and designer bags), Mouse Pads, Coat of Arms Plaques, Surname History PDF files, Bumper Stickers and Coat of Arms Downloads.

Our future catalog of products will include three designer logos that are currently under development by the Celtic Radio designers:

Enjoy Life - Pigmented fun t-shirts with our "Enjoy Life" logo. Stickers available too!

StormCelt - Rugged wilderness outdoor wear for the true independent Celt.

StormGale - Clothing products to keep you warm & dry when storm winds blow.

Our ever growing selections of designs includes family Coat of Arms, Scottish Clan Badges, Irish Claddagh Badges, Flags, Tartans, Surnames, Celtic, Irish and Scottish designs. Here are a few examples of the beautiful and stylish designs that we offer.

Specialty Orders:

All of our products can be ordered in bulk for family reunions, get-togethers and for musicians. Depending on the number of items ordered, we can offer bulk orders at reduced prices for incredible savings from individual items.

Don't see your Clan Badge or Family Coat of Arms or do you have a special customized order?  Please contact us with your special order details and we will be happy to setup a free quote. Thanks for visiting our online store and be sure to let your friends and family know about the Celtic Radio Store!

Design Examples:

Brand Name Apparels:

Your Satisfaction is our Priority!

Greetings from Australia! Many thanks for the download of the MacLeod clan badge, I will now convert it to a sewing file so that I can sew it onto a quilt that I am making for my cousins. Thanks so much!

- Anne

We carry Brand Names!

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